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Busy people  seem to fit everything into their days – when they are busy they just seem to be able to expand time and get the job done. Not only do they get loads of things done they also seem to have boundless energy.

“If you want something done ask a busy person” Benjamin Franklin

No wonder that it is often said that if you want something done ask a busy person.

Have you ever wondered how it is that we all have the same amount of time in a day (24 hours right?) and yet some of us manage to use that time well and some of us end the day thinking that we just didn’t have time to fit everything in? I know  that some days that is exactly how I’ve felt.

So what is it that makes the difference?  Is it just about doing more?  Do people who get more done have some magic formula? Are they super human?  Is it simply that some people have the capacity for doing more?  

In order to get more done it might well be true that individuals have to be focussed, efficient, manage their time well, look after themselves, know when to take breaks, do only one thing at a time, plan what they are going to do, give themselves less choices and probably so much more.

I have learnt  that as we humans are extremely complex  it is very rare that one thing alone is the definitive answer in changing behaviour.  I do know that there are things that we can choose to do, in order to create the time and space for us to get more done.

So let’s talk about how?

I don’t know about you but  I’ve certainly had days where I have reached the end of the day and said:

“I know that I have been busy all day – yet I don’t know what I have actually done? (achieved)”

Do you recognise that sentiment?  I suspect most of us can relate to it in some way or other.  In order to do something about it we  have to understand just what we are spending our time on.   So here’s a way that you can use to understand how you can do more.

  • Carry out a time audit for at least a week.
    • (You can download a free time audit here – it will keep you on track)  Keep a log of what you do and the time you spend on it.  I know this can seem counter intuitive because of course it takes time – but stick with me here.  When you write down how you spend you time – you will begin to notice patterns…. You will be able to see where those minutes actually disappear – the ones that you don’t even notice.
    • Now, when I say everything I do mean everything – from checking your ‘phone, sending messages, spending time on social media – driving time – shopping time – work time – TV time – the whole nine yards!
    • If you are diligent about this and you write everything down – this will enable you to notice and then start to change behaviours that eat your time.  How good will it feel when you achieve all the things that you set out to achieve in a day – day in day out
  • Analyse your audit 
    • What categories did you spend most time on.  How much time did you spend on each? Where did you spend more time than you thought? Where did you spend less time than you thought?
    • List the three things that ate your time?
    • List three things that were really important to you?
    • List three things that you don’t need to do?
  • Change one thing 
    • Once you have that information you can start to work out what you can do to make small changes that will make a difference.  Now an important reality alert here :-

Change only one thing at a time – think tortoise and hare – slowly wins the race – by changing only one thing at a time you are more likely to be able to hold the changes in place and therefore start to make a difference !

  • Be kind to yourself 
    • As with all the things, please be kind to yourself
    • Be honest and give yourself energy and resilience breaks
    • Take some time to recharge – do some exercise – take a walk – go outside – move – breathe
  • Set your boundaries  
    • If you want to change what you are doing then you – yes you are the one that has to set your boundaries in order to  make the changes work.
    • If you need to discourage others from disturbing you or you need some dedicated alone time – then be clear on this with  your loved ones, friends and colleagues. 
  • To do more – find out where your time is really spent – don’t guess – be diligent and plot out where, on what and how you spend your time. 
  • Analyse and find the areas that you want to change
  • Pick one area and start to put small changes into your daily life. One step at a time
  • Be kind to yourself and set boundaries.
  • Be clear on what you expect.

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Wishing you every success to live the life you want to live

Ali x
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