One of the areas that concerns many of us is our ability be both efficient and effective.  This  blog was originally written with business leaders in mind. I have since refined it so that regardless of whether you are an individual, entrepreneur, business owners, or a worker within a large company this tips will increase your individual effectiveness.

The problem we are all experiencing is that we are surrounded and bombarded with huge amounts of information every day. We have a myriad ways of communicating with our ‘tribes’ of people. Whether they are friends, family work colleagues, customers or suppliers.

The more information that surrounds us and the additional ways that we communicate creates stress and worry.

Change happens so fast that many of us find it really difficult to keep up. So here are some tips on becoming more organised in this overly ‘virtual’ world.


Gone are the days when email was used for important issues that needed to be addressed fast. Many of us have several mail boxes and mountains of mail yet many of us don’t have an efficient or effective management system.

  • Tips for organising your mail:
  • Create clearly named folders and automate your inbox to populate as mail arrives
  • Create a priority order for handling messages through the use of folders or additionally by flagging the mails
  • Create rules to automate your inbox
  • Check your mail at set times of the day
  • Turn of the email notification of incoming mail
  • Say how you respond to your mail and add this information to your signature
  • For urgent emails ensure that senders have your mobile number
  • Mark junk and trash as you receive it
  • Unsubscribe from lists that provide no value
  • Regularly delete those emails in your junk and trash folders
  • Regularly review your email handing and filing
  • Reply to emails when you read them and then file them
  • Use the telephone rather than email where appropriate
30 Mins at the start and end of the day

This is really important regardless of whether you work or not. Choose to start and finish your day with a priority and to do list. By starting the day this way you can be clear about what you want to do and achieve and not miss those really important tasks.

At the end of your day take 30 mins to review and re prioritise and get your lists ready for the next day.  This is the time for you to assess what worked and what didn’t. This is where you can improve how you prioritise and this is also the time when you can list down those ideas or projects for later – writing them down so that you can refer back to them when you have the time or inclination.

Use the first 30 mins of each day do those tasks that have a high priority or that you would otherwise not have time to do.


Many  of us push too much into our lives – particularly on a day by day basis – this is true for individuals as well as business owners and leaders

Meet regularly with a peer, friend or supportive relative to review your time and efficiency management. If you are in business then meet with a peer,  coach or mentor

Discuss problems with others who are in a similar position and learn from each other  Find better ways of managing and creating more opportunities for yourself

Shorten your days and take time to relax – long hours and days ultimately take more energy and create less efficiency and effectiveness.

Delegate and get help wherever and whenever you can – you don’t have to do it all or do it on your own

Change your environment
  • Create opportunities to see and hear what’s going on – in your community, with friends, relatives, employees, colleagues, clients, stakeholders
  • Listen to conversations, watch how people react. Demonstrate your interest in others
  • Get out and about and be approachable
  • Take the time to talk with others – widen your circle of influence
  • Take some time to get out in the fresh air – go for a walk, eat lunch in the park, take a cycle ride or sit on a bench and watch the world go by


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