If you dig deep and put yourself  out there – then you may well succeed!

I saw a post today and immediately thought that I could offer some help. This was my chance to give something back and it seemed like the right thing to do.  Typing a message to the author of the post a small voice in my head (you know the one – it whispers negative messages into your brain) attempted to take control.

  • What if they think I am being presumptions?
  • What makes me any good at supporting them?
  • They will have lots of friends that could step in and support them?
  • Perhaps I won’t send it – not sure what they will think?

It would have been so easy to do nothing. Many of us have strategies for sabotaging ourselves – often that small voice justifies the sabotage making it even more difficult to push through.

Here’s the challenge that many of us face!

If we don’t dig deep and put ourselves out there – nobody will benefit from our unique abilities and we’ll find it harder and harder to succeed.

Here’s the reality….

When we ignore that voice (the one that sabotages) and take control then we become masters of our own destiny. Instead of imagining what might be reality kicks in.  This is what my reality looked like once I sent my message.

I appreciate your message so much and would love to take you up on your offer.

It gets rather lonely sometimes

Reality was so different from what I had imagined.

Remember, I didn’t know what the reaction would be – I didn’t even know if there would be a reaction. Instead I imagined what might be – not the same thing at all.

I do know that by digging deep I felt better and the person I reached out to now feels better.


I am not saying that this will always be the case because in all probability it may not be.  However by digging deep, reaching out and putting ourselves out there, we might succeed.

If we dig deep and we are not successful – we’ll know that it is not because we hid behind a story that we told ourselves. We can  choose to learn from the experience and take that learning along with us for the next time. The alternative – we might just spend all our time telling ourselves stories about why we might not be able to do something  and that is a sure fire way to fail before we have even started.

If we don’t dig deep the next time something comes up and that little voice kicks in we might just find that we run the same pattern – talking ourselves out of going for it. Then we miss out and even worse other people may well miss out too.

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Ali x
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