What Does The Label You Give Yourself Say?

You know that when you get an item of clothes it invariable has some sort of label attached to it.  With this label comes all sort of information. The material type it’s made from – where it was made, whether it is fireproof. How to look after it, dry clean, wash, iron, tumble dry bleach?  It comes with numbers from the manufacturer, bar codes that signify something to someone somewhere and of course a description of what it is.

So much information on that one tiny label.

How is this relevant?

All of us as individuals either give ourselves labels, or have labels bestowed on us by others.

What do you do? A question so often asked at events both work orientated and social. I am a scientist, I am mother, I am an HR Professional.  How about the other labels that we all wear during our life.

Sister, mother, daughter, son, husband, partner, boyfriend, cook, housekeeper, decorator, gardener, travel arranger, chauffeur, nurse, painter, mechanical, dishwasher, cleaner, grandparent, godson, nephew, niece, aunt, uncle, friend, confidant, advisor, agony aunt, drinking buddy, party goer, dancer – how many more can you add to the list?

What do your labels say?

All of the roles we undertake come with expectations, values, beliefs and experiences from ourselves and others..  If we are going to live the life that we are meant to live and be the person that we are meant to be then we should be devising and writing our own labels.

Write your own labels…..

This is a great exercise – start with where you are today.  As you look at yourself from within how would you choose to write your label.

How would it describe yourself?  What would it say,? What are your expectations? Who else is there on that label helping you? What other labels are attached – do they make sense? Do they blend together and make a whole or are they so different that they contradict each other?

Once you have done this exercise do it again. This time ask yourself is this label still appropriate for the lifestyle / life that I want? If it is then refine the label so that it will compliment, support and enhance as much as possible all the other roles that you have. If it isn’t then decide to write a different label.

“What labels are you going to be confident wearing and what labels are you willing to share with others.? “

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Wishing you every success in living the life you want.

Ali x
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