Very often during my research I come across articles, blogs, video and sound files that are both interesting and informative.  Here is a small selection that I looked at in January. I hope you enjoy them and find them thought provoking. Please feel free to add your own thoughts on any of these pieces in the comments.  This months selection comes from Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Business Insider UK and TED Talks. With thanks to Marcus Buckingham, Drake Baer, Shana Lebowitz and Barry Schwartz.


Marcus Buckingham interview where he talks about the importance of learning to grow and develop our strengths intelligently and finding something that is a useful way to  engage with their colleagues in the world.

If you like the interview then here is a link to an article Marcus wrote for Harvard business review What if Performance Management Focused on Strengt

Imposter Syndrome

Nearly everyone I know at some time or other in their life have come across this syndrome.

When you feel like a fraud and fear that you will be found out!

Here are a couple of interesting articles. The first one is from Fast Company Do you Have Imposter Syndrome or Are You Actually Qualified For The Job? by Drake Baer

The second article is from Business Insider UK Men Are Suffering From A Psychological Phenomenon That Can Undermine Their Success, But They’re Too Ashamed Too Talk About It by Shana Lebowitz

TED Talk

Finally, sharing wouldn’t be quiet complete unless I shared a TED Talk.  This month it is, The Way We Think About Work Is Broken – Barry Schwartz, his challenge at the end of the talk:

You people should be asking yourself a question as you go back home to run your organisations – just what kind of human nature do you want to help design?

What a great question……

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