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Today has been a momentous day – this morning America voted in President Elect Donald Trump. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that many in the world were shocked by this turn of events. Here in the UK we had already suffered turmoil post Brexit and therefore many of us have been following this election like never before. I have watched every presidential debate live and followed as much as is able from afar.

This is not a political discussion although I will say right now that I did not and do not condone the thoughts, actions and behaviours that the President Elect showed during the presidential campaign. If you like me are in business then there are many many lessons that we can learn.

I was listening to the lovely Shaa Wassmund this morning on a Facebook Live and she reminded me that we should use this shock result to learn.   These are my thoughts around why I believe his understanding of business led to this shock result and in turn what we can learn from this.

What we can learn from Donald Trump’s Election Campaign

These are the examples from his campaign:

  • He found the pain points
  • Not enough work
  • Fear of terrorists
  • Fear of immigrants
  • American loosing their greatest nation status
  • He knew his audience
  • Donald clearly defined his audience, white blue collar workers who were at the heart of middle America
  • He gave simple easy to believe soundbites
  • Bring back manufacturing
  • Stop illegal imports
  • Build a wall to keep out immigrants
  • Ban on muslims coming into the country
  • Make other countries pay equal support for Nato
  • Make America great again
  • He communicated in a way that was not wrapped up in political speak
  • Rhetoric in sound bites – easy to remember and repeated – repeated – repeated
  • Used Social Media to meet his audience – Twitter
  • Talked the same language as his known audience
  • Compared himself to his audience – Americans who want the same thing rights and justice
  • He displayed self belief, confidence and a habituated message when challenged he repeated until it became true!.
  • Look at me – all my business
  • Not afraid to “big himself up”
  • Great great great – amazing amazing amazing – success success success
  • Pushing the self belief onto the audience – in terms of belief in his ability to change things.
  • He showed up in the places he could make the most change
  • In the final days he made sure that he turned up in those areas where he believed his presence would have the most effect
What we can do

Concentrate on the things that you are really good at – Donald Trump did not act like a politician – many thought this was a weakness. He acted like a business man – not a politician – this was his strength. Be sure to:

  • Have a goal and direction
  • Have a plan
  • Know your audience
  • Understand your audience pain points
  • Communicate easy to understand solutions
  • Show your confidence confidence and belief in yourself
  • Hang out with your audience
  • Show up consistently
  • Stand up for what you believed

Whatever your politics – learn from this – take the learning and apply it to your own business and add kindness, love and strength.

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Wishing you every success to live the life you want to live

Ali x
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