Information Sharing February 2017

Online One of the first things that I want to share this month is this wonderful graphic from Hallam Internet - Just click on the graphic to see larger copy. It covers all forms of online marketing including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics. But [...]

Want To Do More – Stop!

Do More Busy people  seem to fit everything into their days – when they are busy they just seem to be able to expand time and get the job done. Not only do they get loads of things done they also seem to have boundless energy. “If you want something done ask a busy [...]

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Why We Need to Tell Stories

Stories There are times when even as grown ups we enjoy stories. More to the point  if we want to share knowledge and learning,  stories are a brilliant way to introduce a theme, a concept, reinforce an idea, illustrate a point or increase the ability to recall and retain information. Some of us think we [...]

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Sharing September 2016

 How to be highly effective Many of us have heard or read of Stephen Covey.  Here is a brilliant animation (hat tip to Jenny Kovacs for bringing this to my attention) of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People from FLIGHTMEDIOCRITY  If You don't watch anything else this month - Watch [...]

Imagine You Dare To Be All You Can Be

Dare To Be All You Can Be I head this phrase this morning and knew that this is one of the most important things that I have heard in a long time. Do you dare to be ALL you can be? Many of us are too scared, too timid - too afraid about what others [...]

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Go For It – You Won’t Know Unless You Do!

If you dig deep and put yourself  out there - then you may well succeed! I saw a post today and immediately thought that I could offer some help. This was my chance to give something back and it seemed like the right thing to do.  Typing a message to the author of the post a small voice in my [...]

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Can You Do It – YES YOU CAN!!!

As we hurtle towards the end of July I started to put together some information for my next 'sharing' blog. I came across something that I found truly inspiring and I just couldn't wait to share it with you. As the Olympics moves ever nearer there is daily news of athletes, countries, teams and updates. I [...]

4 Ways To Become More Organised

Concerns One of the areas that concerns many of us is our ability be both efficient and effective.  This  blog was originally written with business leaders in mind. I have since refined it so that regardless of whether you are an individual, entrepreneur, business owners, or a worker within a large company this tips [...]

Five Tips For Managing Change More Effectively

An event, project, new role, or life transition can be prickly, huge and drag you around with its own agenda. All too often our events, projects, changes, life transitions take on a life of their own and quite literally co-opt us into serving them - which at times is inspiring and at others not [...]

Move From Insecurity to Achievment

6 ways to move from insecurity to achievement….. When we choose to make a change in life, change jobs or career, take a new role, or choose to do something that is a challenge either for yourself or someone else you may find that you are challenged to your point of insecurity. So be [...]

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