Five Tips For Managing Change More Effectively

An event, project, new role, or life transition can be prickly, huge and drag you around with its own agenda. All too often our events, projects, changes, life transitions take on a life of their own and quite literally co-opt us into serving them - which at times is inspiring and at others not [...]

Move From Insecurity to Achievment

6 ways to move from insecurity to achievement….. When we choose to make a change in life, change jobs or career, take a new role, or choose to do something that is a challenge either for yourself or someone else you may find that you are challenged to your point of insecurity. So be [...]

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5 Ways To Create Success

The simplest things can make the most difference. I originally wrote these tips for an article published in a magazine. I came across them today and realised that they still apply. They may be short yet they are really powerful. Sometimes we dismiss ideas because they do not look as if they have any [...]

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