What Happens When You Read The Label?

What Does The Label You Give Yourself Say? You know that when you get an item of clothes it invariable has some sort of label attached to it.  With this label comes all sort of information. The material type it’s made from - where it was made, whether it is fireproof. How to look [...]

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How To Create The World You Want When It’s Going In The Opposite Direction

Shock Result Today has been a momentous day - this morning America voted in President Elect Donald Trump. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that many in the world were shocked by this turn of events. Here in the UK we had already suffered turmoil post Brexit and therefore many of us have [...]

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Why We Need to Tell Stories

Stories There are times when even as grown ups we enjoy stories. More to the point  if we want to share knowledge and learning,  stories are a brilliant way to introduce a theme, a concept, reinforce an idea, illustrate a point or increase the ability to recall and retain information. Some of us think we [...]

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Sharing September 2016

 How to be highly effective Many of us have heard or read of Stephen Covey.  Here is a brilliant animation (hat tip to Jenny Kovacs for bringing this to my attention) of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People from FLIGHTMEDIOCRITY  If You don't watch anything else this month - Watch [...]

4 Ways To Become More Organised

Concerns One of the areas that concerns many of us is our ability be both efficient and effective.  This  blog was originally written with business leaders in mind. I have since refined it so that regardless of whether you are an individual, entrepreneur, business owners, or a worker within a large company this tips [...]

Leaders – 5 Warning Signs to Watch Out For

As leaders one of the most important things we can do is to notice warning signs and act on them. Sometimes they are are obvious and at others we're so involved with the 'doing' that we are completely unaware of them and miss what in retrospect is blindingly obvious. Here are five of common warning [...]

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Sharing – February 2016

One of the posts that I have written was one titled Fire On Time! The title may have seemed a little blasé and but I really wanted this to be a post that offered the idea that getting rid of people is something that leaders have to do. As often happens just after I [...]

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Sharing – January 2016

Very often during my research I come across articles, blogs, video and sound files that are both interesting and informative.  Here is a small selection that I looked at in January. I hope you enjoy them and find them thought provoking. Please feel free to add your own thoughts on any of these pieces in the [...]

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Five Tips For Managing Change More Effectively

An event, project, new role, or life transition can be prickly, huge and drag you around with its own agenda. All too often our events, projects, changes, life transitions take on a life of their own and quite literally co-opt us into serving them - which at times is inspiring and at others not [...]

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